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Advantages of Cooperation
  • Professional factory, delivered on time● Professional factory, delivered on timeMore than 15,000 ㎡ of production workshop, equipped with lathes, milling machines, radial drilling machines, cutting machines, shears, plasma cutting machines, bending machines, and other advanced production equipment, according to the drawings to reasonably estimate the production time, make Stage schedule, strictly control the production schedule to ensure on-time delivery!
  • Customize on demand and provide technical solutions● Customize on demand and provide technical solutionsWith a technical team with more than 10 years of rich experience, we can provide professional technical advice based on the product features, dimensions, characteristics, etc. you provide; use three-dimensional design software for simulation research and development design, and have won 13 national patents and provide exclusive Technical solutions to achieve personalized customization.
  • Free samples, thoughtful after-sales● Free samples, thoughtful after-salesIn order to ensure the effect of technical solutions, Wuxi DISA provides free sample service of sandblasting workpieces; at the same time, the new machine provides free installation and commissioning services, sends installation pictures, and provides on-site service when necessary; after-sales links provide comprehensive technical guidance and exclusive after-sales customer service Respond promptly and provide more timely service.
Service Support
  • Market supportMarket supportTo help customers develop the market, all customer inquiries in the region are handed over to customers for docking sales, market protection is strictly carried out, the price system is improved, and the interests of partners are protected.
  • Advertising supportAdvertising supportRich, complete and diversified publicity support, different publicity support programs are provided according to different customer sales, and better network publicity cooperation to help customers quickly sell and make profits.
  • Technical supportTechnical supportTechnical services are connected throughout the whole process, and personalized solutions are provided for specific application sites in different industries. Engineers provide free online assistance to install or debug equipment.
  • Service supportService support7X24 hours response, the whole machine is guaranteed for 1 year, except the filter element; if there is a quality problem within 7 days, it will be returned and replaced, and the warranty service will be provided if there is a failure during the warranty period.
Cooperation Process
Cooperation Process
  • 01Consult and negotiate cooperation areas
  • 02Determine the distribution agent area and sign the contract
  • 03Determine the category and quantity of shipments, and record and register the market area
  • 04Market protection policy, refusal to quote third parties
  • 05All regional cooperation consultations are handed over to dealers

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